Many viewers have reached out to our Verify Team with questions regarding money and unexpected expenses caused by Harvey.

Here is a breakdown of common questions and answers you may have:

Your wifi is out because of the storm, but you still need to access the internet. So what happens when you get that hefty bill full of data overages? Many viewers asked whether your cell phone provider will make you pay those overages, so we took a closer look.

  • AT&T and Verizon have the same policies.
  • If you incur overages on talk, text or data from Aug. 26 to Sept. 15, you will not have to pay as long as you were in the flood zone.
  • But the fees won't go away automatically. You have to call your provider once you get your bill and then they will erase the fees.
  • For a full list of affected zip codes, click here for Verizon or here for AT&T.

There have also been some hurricane-related rumors. FEMA has an entire section dedicated to this on its website.

  • Will the floodwaters bring a danger of plague? This is not true. In fact, FEMA says plague is rare in the u-s and is actually spread through fleas.
  • Also, reports of a flyer titled “FEMA field inspectors needed asap” saying you can earn up to $5,00 a week is true, but you'll want to check out the details on the FEMA website.
  • FEMA doe warn that there are a lot of other job-related scams out there.
  • Finally, you may have gotten a robocall saying your flood insurance premiums are past due and you need to send in a payment asap. This is a scam.
  • To see FEMA’s full list, visit here.

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