CHANDLER, Ariz — A Tucson man was caught on camera trying to use his handcuffs to choke a Chandler detention officer. 

The fight happened the day after Christmas. Kevin Lyons had been arrested in Chandler on a warrant. 

A detention officer was taking him out of his cell to go before a judge when Lyons attacked him.

According to court documents, Lyons waited until he felt the detention officer was working with another inmate to attack. 

Video from a court surveillance camera shows Lyons struggling with the officer, bringing them both to the ground. 

A second officer rushes over. Court documents say Lyons kicked her as she tried to help the first officer.

At one point, Lyons wraps his legs and his handcuffs around the neck of the detention officer in an attempt to strangle him.

Court documents say the officer got cuts on his face and the back of his ear trying to get Lyon's handcuffed hands from around his neck. 

More officers arrived and eventually subdued Lyons.

Lyons later told investigators he was training in martial arts and wrestling, and that he was trying to choke the detention officer with the handcuffs. 

He also told police the detention officer had offered to take the handcuffs off earlier, but Lyons refused so that "he could use them later," according to court documents. 

Court documents show Lyons was previously convicted of assaulting officers. 

In body camera video of the incident, Lyons tells a detention officer after they've detained him, "I've done it before. You've seen my record."

Kevin Lyons
Kevin Lyons
Chandler Police Department


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