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Up-and-coming Texas bull rider loses life doing what he loved

Peter "Chase" Bishop, 19, died Friday after his family said he had an accident while practicing bull riding.

ALVARADO, Texas — The cowboy lifestyle runs through Steven Bishop's veins.

It ran through his brother's veins, too.

"It was cowboy code," he said. "You live, you’re respectful, you love hard and you forgive quickly."

Nineteen-year-old Chase Bishop was an up-and-coming bull rider from Joshua. Steven said his brother loved everything about it.

"If you knew him, it was God, bulls and the ranch," Steven said of Chase.

And Steven said Chase knew and accepted the risks attached to the dangerous sport.

"Bull riding, it's not if you're going to get hurt, it’s when and how bad," Steven said. "He'd been hurt before and he just stepped up and jumped up and kept going."

But last week, the competitive bull rider was doing what he loved so much when tragedy struck. 

It's hard to hear and hard to imagine.

"He was in a practice pen where he normally practiced, just like every other day," Steven said. "He got bucked off, and he got ran over."

The teenager didn't survive; he passed away on Friday, Jan. 24. The Tarrant County Medical Examiner has not yet listed a cause of death.

"We all want a miracle, but we got our miracle," Steven said. "We got time with him.

"I have hundreds of bull riders texting me, calling me. It's a family."

Steven said he and his family are hurting, but healing.

"Cowboy code is [to] stand back up, and it was hard to stand up this morning," he said. 

They'll carry the spirit, the drive and the faith of this young bull rider with them; a bull rider they believe was destined for world championships.

"He got his call at the world finals at the pearly gates," Steven said.

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