HOUSTON -- The stories being told at Wenda Street and Cullen Boulevard may cause alarm.

“A lady got hit in a wheelchair, and a kid got hit on a bicycle,” one man said.

“There have probably been five or six people since I’ve been here who have been hit,” said another man.

On Sunday, 67-year-old Wilma Montgomery was struck and killed while walking home from church service.

“I love her,” said Bennie Collins, who lived near Montgomery at the same senior citizen apartment complex. “It’s just heavy on all our hearts."

KHOU 11 News first reported about the numerous accidents at the intersection in 2010. The problem was excessive speed and a line of trees partially obstructing drivers’ views.

Since then, the trend has continued with several pedestrians struck while attempting to cross Cullen near Wenda over the last two years.

“This is like the Indianapolis 500 during the day," resident Terry Duhon said. “Like a race track.”

We observed a group of kids crossing Cullen after a waiting around 15 minutes. Then we watched as two small children showed up. About 20 minutes went by before one of them darted across. The other one continued to wait until we stopped traffic and guided her across.

“As you can see, it can be tricky and dangerous getting across the street, even if you’re fit, let alone being elderly and feeble,” John Littleberry said.

A community activist has collected dozens of signatures on a petition calling for a stoplight.

“We are begging,” Cynthia Pharms said. “We are pleading for a red light.”

Dwight Boykins, the city councilman who represents the area, said he had met with residents and passed on their concerns to the city engineer who was conducting a traffic study.

Some of the residents were planning to pack City Hall for next Tuesday’s city council meeting.