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What you need to know before driving through floodwaters

Mechanics warn drivers even 6 inches of standing water can do major damage to your vehicle.

HOUSTON — Mechanics are warning drivers of how damaging even 6 inches of standing water can be to your vehicle.

At ABZ Motors Service Center, they say customers can expect to pay as much as $3,000 once water makes its way into vital engine components.

Jose Mendoza is an auto technician and said much of the damage begins with the electronics. One customer's BMW was driven through a foot of water, and before long, the headlights refused to work.

The engine stalled shortly after, and Mendoza said it’s mainly because the driver left the car running.

“You have to picture all the water is being pushed with force, so it goes all over the engine and all over the windshield,” Mendoza said.

His best advice is to turn off the engine and keep it off. Every time you press on the gas, he said you’re pushing even more water in places where it shouldn’t be.


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