Talking about what happened to her son is still tough for Dandria Lodge.

“It needs to be talked about. It really needs to be talked about,” she said.

Two years ago, her son Lawrence Williams was riding home from a holiday party. The 25 year old was leaning back in the passenger seat of his car, when an accident changed his life forever.

Williams suffered nearly fatal brain injuries and half of his body was paralyzed.

Lawrence Williams before the accident 
Lawrence Williams before the accident 

"It was horrible. His face was swollen," Lodge said.

His lawyer says he didn't have a chance, because of the way he was sitting.

“With today’s vehicles, we have technology, side curtain airbags, that are designed to prevent injury in this very type of crash. But if your seat is reclined and your head isn’t in position, it doesn’t get the benefit of the airbag, because you’re below it,” said Robert Ammons with he Ammons Law Firm.

At 27, Lawrence's mother says walking and talking are still challenging for him.

“He will never go back to the way he was before the accident,” Lodge said. "... I have to watch him lose his life, the life he knew, and become dependent when he was very independent."

Lawrence recently moved into a brain injury rehabilitation facility in Galveston.

Although the family is in the middle of litigation because of the accident, they wanted to share their story now to prevent others from going through the same thing.