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'Employers in all sectors hiring' | Workforce Solutions says jobs are hungry for talent

Workforce Solutions said there are jobs available everywhere, including in several districts.

TEXAS, USA — Nearly a million Texans lost an extra $300 in weekly federal unemployment benefits last week.

But, with thousands of available jobs, Workforce Solutions is expecting more people to get back to work in the next few weeks.

EDITORIAL NOTE: The above video originally aired June 2.

There’s been a big swing in the number of people going back to work since the pandemic stopped the state’s economy in its tracks.

According to Workforce Solutions, unemployment in Houston sits at 6.6 percent. It is down from a peak of 14.3 percent in April 2020.

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Lisa Bogany with Workforce Solutions said the good news is there’s something out there for everyone looking for a new job.

“We have employers in all sectors hiring,” Bogany said. “You have the school districts, charter schools right now are hiring for everything from teachers to IT workers to custodial staff.”

Bogany said other sectors actively looking to hire are trucking and delivery companies and the healthcare industry.

“Everything from administrative all the way up to nursing and beyond,” she said.

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Bogany said employers are hungry looking for talent.

“Now more than ever there’s opportunity for people who are interested in new careers that may require some additional training,” she said. “There are a lot employers that are starting to invest in their workers through on-the-job training and registered apprenticeship programs.”

Bogany said there are a lot of factors that may have contributed to jobs staying vacant, including people receiving extra money in federal unemployment benefits.

Now that they’ve expired she hopes it will inspire people to head back to the workforce.