Lindsey Zimmerman-Randle finds comfort among family members. She is surrounded by an incredible support system as she grieves the loss of her husband of four years.

Murphy police told WFAA that Cameron Owen Zimmerman-Randle died riding his bike early Thanksgiving morning. The police chief told WFAA that Randle was struck from behind by a suspected drunk driver named Wilfred Manatsa. He was arrested and is now in jail facing three charges: intoxication manslaughter, failure to identify-fugitive and accident involving personal injury or death.

Police said Manatsa had an earlier DUI from Dallas County that was pending.

"I was not prepared for my world to end that night, and it did. Everything I know is gone," said Zimmerman-Randle.

Described as a gentle giant, Cameron lived to laugh and make others laugh, especially his wife of nearly four years.

"We got each other. We got each other better than anybody gets us," she said.

Cameron was an avid cyclist. The family told WFAA that last year Cameron rode to work every day to UT Dallas from Wylie. He rode early that morning to build up his endurance.

"He just wanted to go on a bike ride, and it wasn't abnormal," she said.

Cameron worked the overnight shift, so riding very early in the morning was like "the middle of the day for him." Lindsey did not know the kiss before he left for his ride would be their last. Lindsey Zimmerman-Randle is on a mission now.

"It's not okay for someone to be able to repeatedly do things and risk killing someone," she said. She vows to fight for harsher penalties for those who get DUIs. "Make them pay before they kill someone," she said.

Lindsey believes things happen for a reason, now more than ever. The family decided to celebrate Thanksgiving early this year. "We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. That's never happened and we've never done that before, so I was at least able to spend time with him," Lindsey sobbed.

Murphy Police said Randle was wearing a helmet at the time and also had light reflectors on his backpack as well as his bike.

She clutches on to his wedding ring and his Army dog tag, which she received from the Medical Examiner. She grips both items hard because the rattle would be too much for Lindsey to bear.
There is so much pain in this home, but there is also a lot of support.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with future expenses.