WACO, Texas -- The Waco Police Department responded with a thought-provoking message for a woman who insinuated an officer was being lazy while guarding the "Spring at the Silos" event in Waco on Saturday.

The heckler tweeted at the department's Twitter account, sharing a photo of an officer using his cell phone. The tweet said "I hope you guys have good benefits this looks like a rough job."

Waco Police responded by quote-tweeting the heckler's tweet, writing "Bet you weren't mugged while you were here! You're welcome!"

But, the department was not done. Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton, the direct supervisor of the officer in the photo, wrote a scathing response on the department's Facebook page. In it, he explains the officer would normally have been off. But, he was working the event part-time because he was trying to make ends meet.

Sgt. Swanton said the officer in the photo is part of the U.S. Marshal task force that tracks down Central Texas' most dangerous criminals, so he is constantly on his phone trying to track the "bad guys." While Sgt. Swanton admitted, the officer was most likely texting his significant other, he reminded the heckler officers keep in touch with their families because they never know when they won't make it home.

You can read Sgt. Swanton's full response here: