FORT WORTH, Texas – Amber Underwood doesn't remember much about the moment that landed her in the ICU.

"We were walking home from Neon, walking back to the car to leave," she said Monday from her bed at Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth. "I remember waking up afterwards and a man was holding my head telling me I wasn’t going to die."

A horrifying video helps her fill in the blanks.

She was out with two friends early Sunday morning, celebrating her 20th birthday in the Fort Worth Stockyards when surveillance video captured a truck barreling into her and a friend, sending them flying like bowling pins as they were crossing Main Street at 25th.

You can see in the video a third friend narrowly misses being hit as well.

The driver, traveling southbound on Main, never stopped.

"From what I understand, the man didn’t even tap his brake lights," said Amber's father, Aaron.

He rushed to the hospital from Alvarado as soon as he heard.

"That’s a phone call no parent wants to get. And I got it," he said.

His daughter's injuries include a fractured pelvis and torn ligaments in her knee. The other friend injured, Brooklyn Wammack, tells us her femur broke in half. She's already had one surgery.

"When we caught it, we were all just floored," said Cameron Jones. The video is from the security system at his tattoo shop at Main and 25th. He didn't know about the hit-and-run until police alerted him, and he discovered it was recorded on his system. He's sharing it to help find who's responsible.

"It was a total accident," Jones said. "At the same time, when you hit someone and bodies fly over your vehicle, you have to stop. It’s a tragedy that someone didn’t."

Police believe the suspect was driving an older model silver Ford F-150 or F-250. They say it had one headlight missing, and had a dealer license plate on the back—and a standard plate on the front. It may have front-end damage as well.

"I don’t think they did it on purpose," Amber said from her hospital bed Monday. "But I do think it's very cowardly to not stop and make sure we’re okay. I don’t know how someone can do that to two human beings."

If you have any information about this case, please call Fort Worth Police.