CARROLLTON, Texas — A man who has spent over two decades teaching disc golf to kids with disabilities in Dallas is heartbroken after a thief stole the equipment he uses to teach the sport from his car.

For the last 25 years, Randy Mecca has been showing kids and adults with disabilities how to play disc golf as a way of recreational therapy. For those who don’t know what disc golf is, think golf but with a frisbee.

Mecca, who lost his left leg due to complications from a birth defect, has primarily worked with the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children and the Dallas Amputee Network. He helps organize at least 10 events a year where kids and adults with disabilities learn or compete on a disc golf course. He often teaches lessons on the front lawn of the Scottish Rite Hospital where you'll find a disc golf course.

Mecca said that playing the sport got him active again. “It helped me get back on my feet--from being a couch potato with an amputated leg to someone who could go out and compete,” Mecca said.

But now Mecca is without the equipment he uses to share his passion with others. Over the weekend, someone got into Mecca’s car and stole shirts, stickers, and about 150 discs that he hands out to kids and adults with disabilities at events. “Everyone who plays gets a disc for free after getting a lesson,” Mecca said.

Mecca said that he left everything in his car at his home in Carrollton after an event. He admits that he left the doors unlocked, but was shocked to see that someone would want to take off with a bunch of frisbees. “It can all be replaced, but it has a lot of sentimental value,” Mecca said. “My personal discs were taken too.”

Not only that, a bag filled with umpire gear was taken too. Mecca said he officiates baseball games as his main source of income since he collects disability pay. “I was telling my wife that people will steal anything these days,” Mecca said. "It hurt."

Carrollton Police are now investigating the theft. Mecca added that over $2000 worth of stuff was taken in all.

He’s hopeful to get it returned.

Shortly before our story ran on Monday night, Mecca said that a sports shop in Haltom City reached out to him and said that some of his discs (which have unique logos on them) were sold to the shop.

Officers are trying to collect suspect information.