For two years in October Amy Moses has decided to shake up just the average skeleton in the yard Halloween decoration. Moses will change the skeletons in her yard into different scenes every day in October.

“A friend of mine asked if they were going to change every day and I was like yes, yes they are,” said Moses.

This year she decided to post all of them on their own Facebook page. “Keeping Up With The Bones” has gained over six hundred followers in less than a month. And Moses says she's happy to put some humor online.

“As far as social media it's really taken off,” said Moses. “And it's awesome to see with all the negative things on Facebook going around, it's awesome to see the kind of funny scrolling down every once in a while.”

With Halloween coming up Moses isn't giving up the Boneses grand finale.

“I’m not quite sure exactly,” explained Moses. “I have an idea. It might have to be a surprise, but yeah I have a couple of ideas brewing.”