REYNOSA, Mexico -- A Texas couple is recovering at a San Antonio hospital after they say they were shot at by Mexican law enforcement while on their way back from Mexico. The victims’ family said that their loved ones were mistaken for criminals.

Guadalupe Trevino fought back tears as she described what she called a miracle: Her daughter and son-in-law survived an assault in Mexico in broad daylight. The family claims that it came at the hands of Mexican Marines on Tuesday afternoon.

Trevino says that a helicopter opened fire on a silver Chevy Tahoe while Alfredo Aleman and his wife, Alejandra, were sitting inside.

Alfredo, who lives in McAllen, Texas, was shot in his right hand and heel, while bullets grazed Alejandra’s head and back.

“They were screaming they were family,” Trevino said.

Alfredo’s brother, Eduardo, rushed to the scene. He said that the people behind the trigger were clearly shooting to kill.

Eduardo says that his brother and sister-in-law were driving back to Texas after visiting Trevino and grocery shopping. That’s when the family says that the couple drove upon a military blockade. Moments later, a barrage of bullets came down from above, according to Trevino.

But in a written response, the Mexican Marines denied those claims, saying that they were not at the location where the shooting happened, but were responding to three other shootings across town.

U.S. Consulate officials would only release a brief statement saying, in part:

“The safety and security of U.S. Citizens abroad is one of the state department’s highest priorities.”

For the Aleman family, they fear that the lack of answers today may lead to a lack of justice in the future.

The only thing comforting Trevino is knowing that her daughter and son-in-law are safe in the U.S.

It’s not clear if the U.S. Government or the Aleman family may take any further action or who exactly opened fire on the couple. Federal police in Mexico are still investigating the case.