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Abortion-rights advocates hope lawsuit can restore abortion access for Texas women

Abortion-rights advocates are continuing their fight to get abortion access back in Texas, and now, they’re getting the courts involved.

HOUSTON, Texas — It's been nearly two weeks since Texas' trigger law took effect, banning nearly all abortions in Texas and making performing illegal abortions a felony.

But abortion-rights advocates are continuing their fight to get abortion access back in Texas, and now, they’re getting the courts involved.

More than 500 miles from Houston, New Mexico has become a destination for Texas women seeking abortions. 

But the help to get there is now much harder to find. 

“Lilith Fund and Texas Equal Access Fund were forced to pause our direct funding of abortion care because of the threats that we’ve been receiving," Campaigns Director Lilith Fund & TEA Fund Ana Rodriguez said. 

Rodriguez says before the Supreme Court decision came down in June, both groups were providing financial support to help Texas women seek an abortion. 

After that decision, they stopped all funding.

“Essentially they’re saying that they can use these laws to criminalize anyone who helps a Texan access abortion care even if that means helping them pay for their procedure out of the state," Rodriguez said. 

But they’re hoping a new lawsuit can give them some protection. 

“At the end of the day, we’re not able to do what some of our core basic mission is," Rodriguez said. 

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A number of funds are suing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other Texas prosecutors, hoping they’ll get a court to declare “the trigger ban cannot be enforced…in a manner that violates their rights to freely travel, freely associate, freely speak, and freely support members of their communities through financial assistance."

“It’s about protecting our right to free speech, free association, and our right to travel across states. And even to make political donations," Rodriguez said.

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And abortion access out of state may become more abundant, at least in New Mexico. Last week, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed an executive order directing $10 million for a new abortion clinic in Doña Ana County, which borders El Paso. 

But traveling there can add up, which is why Rodriguez, along with several other funds, hopes they can resume services as soon as possible. 

“Abortion funds should be able to be here for Texans and do what we were here to do – fund abortions," Rodriguez said. “Often, we make the difference between whether a Texan can get the healthcare that they need and whether they can’t. And that’s unacceptable. We want to be here for the people who need us and we hope the courts will be on our side so we that can do that."

We have reached out to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton for a comment on the lawsuit. We are still waiting to hear back. 

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