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'That's actually me' | Teen who survived encounter with tornado speaks out

Riley Leon, 16, was the driver of the red truck seen in a viral video being tossed around in the middle of a tornado and then driving away.

ELGIN, Texas — Riley Leon is counting his blessings after an incredibly close encounter with a tornado in Elgin, Texas, was caught on video.

Leon, 16, said he was driving to a job interview when the twister came across the highway and flipped his truck on its side, spinning it several times before flipping the truck back upright. Leon then casually drove away.

He said he knew the weather was going to be bad, but he couldn't afford to miss the interview.

Storm chaser video captured the terrifying moment, and now, Leon is thankful he's able to talk about the experience.

"I had actually gotten home from the wreck and my brother was like, 'Have you seen the video,'" Leon said. "I'm, like, 'What video?' And he showed it to me and I was, like, 'That's actually me.' And he was, like, 'Are you for real?' And I was, like, 'Yeah."

Leon said he's still processing the experience.

"Thankful to God for giving me another chance in this life. He probably did for some reason. Probably, in the future, gonna bring better plans into my life."

Leon said he's still shaken up but is most upset about his truck. He said it was his father's and he worked hard to be able to save the money to buy it from him.

He is, however, getting calls from dealerships that expressed interest in helping him out.

As for the job interview he didn't want to miss? It was at a local Whataburger and he got the job. He starts on Monday.

Here's the full interview with Leon:

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