SULLIVAN CITY, Texas — A Mission, Texas teen has been charged with smuggling of persons after hailing a Lyft driver to smuggle two undocumented immigrants in Sullivan City.

According to police, Jose Cristobal Vigil, 17, was arrested after the Lyft driver was pulled over on a routine traffic stop for not having license plates.

The officer noticed Vigil sitting in the back of the car with two other men who were muddy and wet from the waist down, court documents say. 

Vigil reportedly paid for the Lyft ride with his mom's credit card to smuggle the two undocumented immigrants. 

He told officers the Lyft driver had nothing to do with the crime. 

He also said he was going to get $500 to smuggle in the immigrants who were from Guatemala, police said. 

Public records show it happened April 5. 

Vigil was booked April 6 and released April 7. His bond was set at $10,000.