Colorful parade floats lined the streets of Floresville Saturday morning, as the town prepared for its annual Peanut Festival.

Early crowds patrolled the sidewalks, eyeing this year’s entries as they prepare for the long haul down C Street.

One parade float seemed to stand out among the rest.

Short, sleek, and made from raw, gleaming stainless steel it was Floresville High School senior Sam Roach’s wish come true.

"I've seen ‘Back to the Future’ lots of times,” said Roach, standing before the raised gull-wing doors of a DeLorean. “I vaguely remember seeing it for the first time on Netflix.”

He says it’s 37 times, to be exact.

Sam is a student on the autism spectrum, he also suffers from cerebral palsy. His teachers said the DeLorean has been an obsession of his throughout high school, and it seemed fitting they find a way to get one for his parade float this year.

"When I met Sam a few years ago, he wasn't verbal and didn't meet with any of us. And he has totally embraced all of us, so this is a school effort,” said instructional aide Diana Morlang.

Morlang said she decided to take a chance and call DeLorean, the maker of the ‘Back to the Future’ icon. The Humble, Texas, company got on board and reached out to an owner in Houston.

The owner, Chuck Waters, immediately leapt at the opportunity, driving his car three hours to surprise Sam the day before the big parade.

"Sam was so excited,” said Waters. “If I can make someone happy with my car, that's really all I could ask."

Together, the two drew jealous gazes as they cruised their way through the parade. They never did get to go 88 miles per hour, even though Sam did have his own mini flux capacitor plugged into the cigarette lighter port.

But he said that’s okay, he’ll get his own time machine someday.

"If I raise enough money I'll get my own,” said Roach. “Sometime in the future!"