LEANDER, Texas -- A Leander family is without a home because it now sits lodged in the middle of a street. The trailer needed to be towed four miles, but somehow, the moving company only made it less than a quarter of the way.

"I saw the lights go by, and you could hear the grinding of the metal and when he got stuck over there you could hear him shifting into low gear to try and get it to go," said neighbor John Sargent, as he recalled the moment it became stuck Tuesday night.

Sargent lives on Rock Cliff Drive in Leander. He did not expect a mobile home would be the cause of all the commotion, but he's not surprised.

He's seen other accidents happen here before.

"If you notice, this curve is kind of shaped like an Indianapolis racetrack," Sargent added. "And people evidently like to try out their suspension and tires when they come around this curve."

As for the moving company responsible, they're no strangers to facing hiccups while attempting to move properties. Last October, Austin Home Movers caused the famous stuck-house in South Austin.

It's unknown if speed played a role in the Leander incident where the home slid off the road, splitting its axel and forcing several tires to come off. But as hefty as the damage was on the outside, owner Jesse Husemann said the ruin also tracked inside the home.

"I had all the fragile stuff boxed up but everything that was in the center of the house where he told me to put it, ended up slamming into that wall," he said.

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Crews from another business, United Modular Services, heard about the predicament and stepped in with heavy equipment to give Husemann a hand.

"Once the frame's tweaked this much, unless you knock everything down and rebuild the whole trailer on it, it's just gonna be messed up," Husemann added.

Austin homeowners spent several hours trying to raise the trailer up.

United Modular Services hopes to have the trailer towed away by morning.

Sargent hopes this incident will urge the county to take further action to improve the road.

"They came out after the first three accidents and put up two of those yellow arrows," he explained. "But I think there needs to be a guard rail installed out here."