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Star witness testifies in SA machete murder trial

The state's star witness in a brutal murder took the stand Friday. Defense attorneys are calling that co-defendant a liar. Robert White accepted a plea deal described to police how the suspect struck the victim 30 times with a machete.

SAN ANTONIO -- The state's star witness in the machete murderwas on the stand Friday. Defense attorneys are calling that co-defendant a liar.

Robert Patrick White, 41,accepted a plea dealbefore telling policewhowas responsible for the 2008 death of Christopher Duncan.

Thomas Ahrens is from Florida, but hewas in San Antonio in February of2008. That'swhen he met 23-year-old Christopher Duncan, say investigators. On the stand, Whitetold howhe met Ahrens and his girlfriend at a Planet K during one of his drinking binges.

The suspect, his girlfriend, the victim and White were allegedly hanging out at a homeless camp site in south San Antonio when the murder happened.

White pleaded guilty to murder and faces 5 to 25 years in prison for his role in Duncan's death. The 23-year-old was hacked to death with a machete. White said Duncan punchedthe victimwhen he fought back and pushed Duncan onto a tent. He said Ahrens' girlfriend, 36-year-old Kristi Lynn Tebo, was inside the tent. White told the jury that is when Ahrens called for the weapon. White said Ahrens started hitting the victim with the weapon repeatedly - about 30 times.

He testified that Tebo said, When are going to hurry up and f----- die? as she hit the victim one time with the machete.

But, defense attorneys say the story his is trying to sell isn't true. White initially told police he ran from the scene before the murder took place.

White says he was hit in the nose and wide awake when during the grisly scene. He admits to being drunk that night and he admitted that he did not tell police the truth in his initial statements.

Duncan was missing for several days until hisfamily members found his body at that homeless campsite area.

Earlier Friday, prosecutors went over more evidence showing the defendant used the victim's credit card at a local restaurant. Surveillance video from a store showed Ahrens and Tebo using the credit card. In another video, police were able to prove Ahrens bought the machete used to kill Duncan.

The golden rule on the streets is you don't snitch, and White's defense attorney is concerned about his safety. Because White is testifying against an accused killer, the court has requestedthat his face not be showndue to those safety concerns.

Tebo is also charged with murder, sheisawaiting trial while White, who is an ex-con,is awaiting sentencing for his part in the crime.

The trial of Thomas Ahrens will continue on Monday. If convicted, Ahrens faces life in prison.

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