HOUSTON — The KHOU 11 Weather team is monitoring hazy conditions expected to move into the Houston area and other parts of Southeast Texas this weekend.

Saharan Dust is moving toward the Gulf of Mexico and will enter Houston on Saturday, says Meteoorlogist Chita Craft.

"This is very common. This happens time and time again, especially this time of year," said Craft. "Because of the upper-level wind current, the wind flows picks up some of the dust off the desert in Africa and will move across the Atlantic and through the Carribeean and into the Gulf."

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Craft said you can expect dust particles in the sky, creating a haze, starting as early as mid-day Saturday. The haze will increase as we head into early Sunday, Father's Day, before eventually giving way to scattered storms.

By Monday the haze should be entirely gone.

Until then, Craft warns that along with the haze and reduced visibility, those who have breathing sensitivities may suffer from an irritation to the nose and lungs. The tiny dust particles can easily affect those who deal with nasal allergies, asthma or lung illnesses like COPD.

As far as the weather this weekend, we'll have partly cloudy skies with a 30 percent chance for rain and storms both Saturday and Sunday. Daytime high temps will be in the mid-90s. Rain chances increase to 40 percent early next week.