SACHSE, Texas -- Ever since spring, when several hailstorms beat up North Texas, it seems roofers have worked around the clock.

"Oh we probably have I'd say another year's worth of work out of this,” said Patrick Hughett from Guardian Exteriors, Inc.

Hail damaged a half-million houses in North Texas this year, including Wanda Hooker’s house in Sachse.

"I could see that roof caving in,” Hughett said. “It had several layers of shingles on it, [it’s] kind of droopy. I don't think it would have lasted much longer.”

Mrs. Hooker, 81, agrees.

Patrick Hughett
Patrick Hughett

"I had just had a new floor put in – a wood floor. It leaked in there,” she said. “And it leaked in my living room real bad. Leaked in my utility room - right in the washer.”

She and her husband have lived in the home for 32 years. Unfortunately, both of them broke their hips this summer. They only survive on social security and didn't have enough homeowners’ insurance to properly repair their roof after the hail storms.

In fact, the Hookers’ roof was in such poor condition that the couple considered walking away from the entire house.

That's when Hughett heard about the Hookers from another customer, who saw it on Facebook.

"I call him my angel," said Mrs. Hooker. "You don't find that many kind people in this world. He is just wonderful."

Hughett’s boss at Guardian Exteriors, Ryan Roberts, agreed to re-roof the Hooker’s home for free.

Wander Hooker
Wander Hooker

"There's no way we could finance a roof like this. What are you talking about? Quite a bit," said Mrs. Hooker.

Hughett and Roberts estimated they’re donating more than $10,000 in supplies and labor. That’s more than half of the social security the couple gets each year.

"It will be so nice to not have a leaky house,” said Hughett while reading a handwritten letter Mrs. Hooker gave him. “Mr. Hooker is 93-years-old and I'm a young 81. But it was hard keeping the rain out.”

She hoped that might suffice since she and her husband are unable to repay the generosity of the roofers who volunteered their time to save her home.