A Rockwall teen hopes a new health food product hits store shelves near you soon. In the meantime, she's willing to hit the road to fill online orders -- at least in her hometown.

Seventeen-year-old Suen Hee Kim is making a name for herself in the health food world one vegan, dairy-free, soy-free and non-GMO snack bar at a time.

"I think I was watching YouTube probably and they we're talking about eating healthy while I'm eating my hot Cheetos," said Kim, the founder of BrightSnacks.com.

For the last few years, the Rockwall-Heath High School senior learned to love living healthy, but no snack food would cut it.

"It was a long, long process, because sometimes health food can be hard to make it taste good,” Kim said. “So definitely it was a long, long process of 'this tastes good, this doesn't.”

The bars were a hit with friends and family, but didn't officially turn into "Bright Snacks" until she got a friendly push from her mom, Debbie Kim.

"I think the light bulb went off was because she had another job, and she was working at a barbeque restaurant and learned what it was like to work for minimum wage," Debbie Kim said.

Kim told her daughter she couldn't quit -- she told her to get another job or start a business.

She didn't think Suen Hee would actually take her up on the latter.

Bright Snacks was born.

"The general reception to her product has been so positive that I just feel like something big is going to happen to her,” Debbie Kim said. “But even if it didn't, what she has learned from making this business is incredible.”

Since the fall they've sold over 1,000 bars, mostly online.

"Getting my first purchase online, from a complete stranger, it was pretty exciting -- I was like 'Oh my gosh.'" Suen Hee Kim said.

It seems that her hard work is paying off. Just last weekend, she got some shelf space at the Dallas Farmers market.

And this may be the last batch Suen Hee Kim makes in her mom's house because in a few weeks, they're moving to an industrial kitchen.

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