HUNTSVILLE, Texas - Huntsville Police are investigating after city workers find razor blades melted into slides at two separate parks.

On July 6, the crew found 4 razor blades on two slides at Emancipation and Boettcher Mill Road Parks. Even more disturbing, investigators believe they were using a lighter to melt them into the plastic.

It's the last place, any parent expects to meet danger. The Danceys bring their kids to the playground almost everyday.

"This should be a safe haven for children, they should be able to be playing,be normal children," said Roosevelt Dancey, a father.

City workers removed the blades immediately, but it still doesn't sit well with this mom.

"I can't imagine what a person would be thinking in their mind to do that, at a playground," said Desaree Dancey, a mother. "It rained today, so we were like, don't go on the slides because of the water, but now we're like, don't go on the slides, because it's dangerous."

It's a conversation these parents never imagined they'd have to have with their kids.

"Just imagine if it was one of your kids, or a sister or a brother, someone slides on one of these razor blades and gets hurt, how funny will it be then?" Roosevelt Dancey said.

Police are installing cameras, hoping to catch the crooks in the act. Injury to a child is a third-degree felony. If you have any information, call Huntsville Police.