Liz Bradshaw of The Colony isn't blind. She's just preparing for that inevitability.

A mother of seven, Liz lost sight in her right eye in an accident when she was younger. Now, a rare form of glaucoma could steal her other eye any day.

"I don’t wanna go to sleep cause I don’t wanna wake up not being able to see," she said.

The worst part is when she thinks about her kids.

"That kills me," she said while fighting back tears. "That I'm not going to be able to do what I want to do with them. See them get married, have kids of their own, go off to college."

To make the transition easier, Liz's children and husband, Tony, came up with ways to brighten her spirit.

At first it meant doing little things like brightening the lights or doing the dishes.

Until Tony got an idea for something bigger.

"She’s never seen the beach, she’s never seen the ocean," he said. “I want her to see everything she can.”

They're going to the beach this week, so that she can know what the ocean looks like before she goes blind.

Never mind that Tony’s a disabled veteran on a limited income or that her kids already had spring break plans.

“When you love someone that much it doesn’t really matter," Tony said.

The trip will create a memory Liz can visualize forever.

“To see them do that for me," she said while fighting tears, "I see that they love me.”

What her heart can see has never been more clear.