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'Never seen anything like this' | Witnesses describe cargo plane going down in Chambers County

Some saw it. Others heard it. Some jumped into action.

ANAHUAC, Texas — Several witnesses watched or heard as a 767 cargo aircraft heading for Houston crashed near Anahuac Saturday.  Human remains have been recovered from the flight that had three people on board.

Jose Chavez of Anahuac saw the plane  as it headed for disaster.

“I saw a plane going straight down and I told my mom, ‘There’s a plane going down and it’s going to crash,’” said Jose Chavez of Anahuac.

 His mother, Candice, said they had just gotten to a restaurant when they realized what was happening.

“I heard something so loud and I was like, what on earth was that,” she said. “And I actually think I said it out loud because that’s when my son said, ‘Momma, I just saw a plane go down.’”

"I've never seen anything like this."


Kasie Noack had just walked outside when she heard the crash.

“I was walking outside to my car and I was in the yard and I heard a loud boom and the next minute, there were sirens and, I was like, that doesn’t sound very good,” she said.

Two men who are no strangers to rescue heard it happen and jumped into action. Both of them spent time doing rescues after Hurricane Harvey.   

“We were standing gout here talking by the boat, shooting the breeze,” said Jason, one of the rescuers.  “When the plane went over, we were looking at each other, wondering what it was.”

When they realized what it was, they got in their boat and started looking for survivors.

“We started seeing packages and clothes and jackets, so we’re trying to pull up anything that we thought anyone could be inside of it, we were pulling it up to see if anything was in it,” said Jason. “Packages scattered everywhere.  Everything was so disintegrated.”

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