It's a problem that neighbors can't explain- cats keep disappearing in a North Austin neighborhood.

Patti Flowers has been collecting the calls for help and is trying to find the cause of the disappearances. Her 9-month-old cat, Sir, disappeared almost four months ago.

"We'd let him out that evening about 10:45. I got distracted on the phone, went to call him and he never came home," Flowers said.

For months she has canvassed the area, visiting homes and putting up signs for Sir. While she hasn't found her cat, she did find something else.

On social media sites like Next Door, dozens of other people in neighborhoods near Crestview, Allandale and Brentwood are also missing their cats.

Flowers said she has found 50 reports of missing cats. It's a number that she and the neighbors can't explain, and now they are looking for answers.

"Cats inherently don't do well when they get loose. Cats don't deal with the changes well and they will hunker down near where they got inside," said Mark Sloat, Program Director at Austin Animal Center. He said that when cats go missing they are especially difficult to get back home.

"The return to owner rate on cats nationally is two percent, which is terrible," Sloat said.

A number of things like a coyote or wild animal or just someone who thinks it is a stray could prevent a cat from coming home, according to Sloat. But he said his department is constantly looking to see if it could be something else like someone stealing or killing the animals.

"Who does something like that?" Flowers wonders. While she may not have answers to what happened right now, Flowers wants the community to be aware of what is going on in case there is something wrong.

Both APD and Animal Services said that they are looking into cases in the area and ask anyone who sees anything suspicious to call 3-1-1.