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Dozens of migrants escaped from box truck needing medical attention in Jackson County, Corpus Christi FD says

Several migrants were treated at the scene for possible dehydration and several others ran from the scene.

Nearly 100 migrants were found locked in a tractor-trailer when a DPS trooper spotted a broken down 18-wheeler and trailer in Jackson County Friday morning, according to the sheriff's office.

Officials with the Edna Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office told KHOU 11’s sister station in Corpus Christi, KIII, the trailer was spotted on US-59 heading north near County Road 202, just northeast of Ganado.

Jackson County Sheriff Kelly Janica says 70 to 100 migrants were inside. Several migrants were treated at the scene for possible dehydration, and dozens of others ran from the scene. Multiple agencies searched for hours for the migrants.

The migrants fled onto Dr. Robert Burlingame's property. His tenants called for help.

"Karen said we've got four men coming towards the house," said Burlingame. "And four more had walked by heading towards the pond. She was afraid. Her husband told her just stay in the house, don't go out and don't shoot anybody."

The Jackson County Sheriff's Office says as of 4 p.m, 62 people had been apprehended, including the driver. 9 were so dehydrated and sick they were sent to a local hospital. They estimate nearly 40 others could still be out there. 

"I spotted two of them in the cornfields," said Burlingame. "These guys were so desperate for water, you just hollered 'water' and they'd come running out."

Investigators on scene confirmed the men and women in the truck were from El Salvador, Honduras and Ecuador. One migrant in the truck told deputies they were put in the trailer without food or water.

"It's a mess, I don't know how else to put it," said Sheriff Janica.

Corpus Christi Fire Department Chief Robert Rocha told KIII that they are sending their AMBUS to the scene to help with medical attention. San Antonio and Fort Bend are also sending similar help.

If you spot any suspicious activity, the Jackson County Sheriff's office is asking you to call them right away.

The apprehended migrants will be processed and turned over to Border Patrol.

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