HOUSTON — Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick offered Texas’ help in building the border wall.

His plan involves using money from the state border security budget to build in areas needed. Patrick believes Texas can do the work cheaper than the federal government, which would repay the state for construction.

“The future of the country rests on what we do to protect this border,” Patrick said.

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He specifically named a 200-mile stretch from Brownsville to Falcon Lake.

“We can declare a national emergency,” President Donald Trump said. “We shouldn’t have to.”

In McAllen with state officials, the president said he is considering Patrick’s offer, though President Trump believes he can do better.

“When I say Mexico’s going to pay for the wall, do you think they’re going to write a check for $20 billion or $10 billion or $5 billion or 2 cents,” the president said. “No. They’re paying for the wall in a great trade deal.”

Some reports said the president asked the Army Corps of Engineers to look into diverting disaster funding earmarked for California wildfire and hurricane recovery in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Texas. The latter has about $4.5 billion not tied up in contracts for Harvey recovery.