Memories of her grandparents keeps a smile on Kelly Voigt's face -- memories she shares with family and friends.

However, those memories continue to heal Voigt from the pain of losing them.

Voigt's grandparents, Ken and Peggy Hoffman, went on a multi-day casino tour when life suddenly took an unexpected turn.

“It was absolutely the worst day imaginable and at the same time for me, personally, I find some comfort knowing they were together,” Voigt said.

Ken and Peggy died when the tour bus they were traveling on collided with a freight train in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Officials with The National Transportation Safety Board stated the train was traveling around 26 mph when it was put into "emergency" mode nearly 500 feet from the crossing and was attempting to stop the train at the time of the crash.

The train struck the bus traveling nearly 19 mph and pushed the bus approximately 300 feet from the level crossing, the NTSB added.

Two others were killed, dozens were injured and more than 20 seniors on the bus were picked up at the Bastrop Senior Center.

Both Ken and Peggy were both loved and respected members of Lockhart ISD.

Ken Hoffman retired in 1996 as an assistant superintendent of Lockhart ISD, and Peggy retired in 2002 as principal of Plum Creek Elementary. Between them, the couple served 85 years combined to the school district.

Their service to education keeps Voigt -- who now works for Lockhart ISD as well -- and so many others going despite the tragic loss.

“They’re really big shoes to fill,' Voigt said. "Sometimes it’s a little big overwhelming to try to match them and be like them."

The Bastrop Senior Center is holding a week-long remembrance for those lost in the crash.