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'I'm going to make money and reinvest' | Kid entrepreneurs launch businesses with big ideas

Thirteen young entrepreneurs are teaching us you're never too young to think big.

DALLAS — Some North Texas kids are showing us you're never too little for big ideas and big dreams.

"I'm going to keep working and working to make more and more money,” said Lyric Evans.

Seven-year-old Lyric Evans is starting her own business selling hair bows.

“Who taught you to want to be an entrepreneur? I taught myself,” Evans said.

Jaden and Jabraden Linnear are 5 and 6-year-old brothers launching a bow tie business.

“I'm going to keep working so I can make more money and reinvest my money,” Jabraden explained.

They are part of a group of children in an organization called Keeping Families Connected. The founder Letitia Scott Jackson started the program to help kids whose parents have been incarcerated.

"I said, 'Lord, what can I do to keep these kids connected?' Like, I don't want them to lose their zeal. I need them to keep doing something,” Jackson described.

She took her own money and helped 13 children become entrepreneurs.

"We teach them the importance of making a profit, but I also teach them that most importantly, that you have to reinvest,” Jackson said.

And the children are getting the message.

"I'm going to make money and stay out of trouble,” Linnear said.

The kids will be selling their products at what they call a Top up Stop on Saturday, April 24 from 2 to 4 p.m. It’s at the Cambria Hotel at 7500 Parkwood Blvd. in Plano.

The kids get to keep 50 percent of what they make, and the other 50 percent is reinvested in their business.

"I'm going to buy some toys,” Lyric Evans said.

The hope is that these children will show others that with support, love and work, you can succeed and be a boss.