SAN ANTONIO -- Prepare to see some digging around the Alamo. Starting this week, archaeologists will be uncovering parts of the Alamo's walls that you may not have known were buried.

It’s a first step in an effort to “reimagine the Alamo."

If you’ve been to the Alamo, you’ve seen the chapel and walked through the barracks.

Perhaps you even knew that the arches on the Alamo didn't look like the original chapel.

However, did you know that a lot of the Alamo's history is actually buried?

That is, until now. Archaeologists plan to discover more hidden secrets of the Alamo.

"When you walk out, the way Alamo is now, you don't see the compound," said Becky Dinnin, executive director of the Alamo Endowment.

Now, they will cut into the rock of the sidewalk across the street from the Alamo to expose the compound's original walls. The original walls helped Texas soldiers protect and defend themselves against a surprise Mexican attack in 1836.

“We want to be able to pinpoint the west wall,” Dinnin explained. “After that, we will pinpoint places where we think the south wall is.”

If you’re wondering why the walls of a historic site like the Alamo were covered, Dinnin explained that it’s part of how cities grow.

The 'Master Plan' for the Alamo will be presented by the end of the year.