AUSTIN -- A woman has been accused of throwing a cat off a third floor balcony in Austin, causing the cat to suffer from a collapsed lung and other injuries.

On June 29, a witness told an officer she saw a woman throw a kitten off the third floor balcony of an Austin apartment, according to an arrest affidavit.

The suspect -- who has been identified as Kyana Norwood, 22 -- allegedly told the witness, "Oh, I'm sorry you saw that," after she threw the kitten.

The suspect allegedly told police she "never liked the cat" and that she threw the cat because she was mad at her boyfriend for an assault that happened earlier in the day. Police said they responded to that assault and that the cat belonged to the boyfriend and his sister.

According to police, the kitten was taken to an emergency clinic after suffering from a possible fractured jaw. Police said the kitten -- whose name is Ginger -- was then taken to the Austin Animal Center where X-rays found that she had a collapsed lung and mouth and leg injuries.

Norwood has been charged with cruelty to a non-livestock animal and her bond is set at $5,000. According to online records, she is not in police custody as of Monday afternoon.