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HISD: Video that Gov. Greg Abbott tweeted about referenced incident that happened in 2019

In the video, a father made a claim during an HISD board meeting that a teacher took his son to a 'drag show.' Gov. Abbott asked the TEA to look into it.

HOUSTON — We have new information about a social media video that Gov. Greg Abbott quote tweeted about on Sunday, showing a parent at an HISD board meeting, making accusations about a teacher in the district. 

In the video, the parent said the teacher took his son to a 'drag show.' 

"He took him to a drag show when he was underage and it was really bad. It was a really bad experience. He also put him next to this sex offender when he was out there with my son," the parent said at the meeting.

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Gov. Abbott saw the tweeted video, and on Sunday tweeted that he's asking the Texas Education Agency to investigate.

Reporter Anayeli Ruiz is following this story Monday and got the following statement from HISD, saying that the incident in the video is three years old and that they investigated when it first came out.

Below is the statement they gave her. 

"The viral video making the rounds on social media references an incident from 2019. Houston ISD was made aware of allegations of teacher misconduct and launched an investigation in 2019. The teacher has not worked for HISD since April 2019. Because of laws requiring confidentiality in educator employment records, we are unable to release any further information."

The Texas Education Agency also released a statement, saying, "The Texas Education Agency has received a complaint related to Houston ISD. The complaint is currently under jurisdictional review. No further info available at this time."  

*Editor's note: This story has been updated to note that while the video is new, the incident referenced in it took place in 2019. Statements from HISD and the TEA have also been added.

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