Texans are known for wanting things bigger, better and faster; and that includes the need for speed. After all, State Highway 130 has the fastest speed limit in the country at 85 mph.

But some Texans like to drive a little too fast. We asked the Department of Public Safety for the fastest speeding tickets issued by troopers in 2017. Of the top 15, four were in our area.

The 14th fastest ticket went to a driver in a 2014 BMW i8. He was popped going 143 miles per hour in an 80 mph zone on the SH 130 service road in Williamson County.

The car is pretty rare and hard to get. Of all the BMW dealerships in Texas, only three of them have an i8 on the lot. Those dealerships are in Houston, Dallas and Beaumont.

But Hi-Tech Luxury Imports in Austin has one.

"They're probably a car that BMW loses money making, but its a show piece for them," said Michael Berray, sales and leasing specialist at Hi-Tech Luxury Imports. "It's their pinnacle of technology right now."

A biker on a 2009 Suzuki GSF was caught going 150 mph in a 70 mph zone on Interstate Highway 35 in Hays County. And a biker on a Suzuki GSX was ticketed for driving 156 mph in a 70 mph zone on SH 195 in Williamson County.

Also caught going 156 mph on that same stretch of SH 195 was a driver in a 2014 Chevrolet SS. Chevy has discontinued production of the Australian car.

For context, 156 mph is the same speed as Category 5 hurricane winds.

The fastest speeding ticket in Texas of 2017 was given to a biker in Coryell County who was caught going 181 mph on US 90, which has a speed limit of 75 mph.

"180, that's like a football field a second," said Brad Zeeff, manager at Kent Powersports of Austin.

That driver was riding a red 2012 Honda CBR 1000.

"The Honda CBR 1000 is not the most powerful typically in the line up, but it does handle better than most," said Zeeff. "So it gives you the confidence. If you're on a CBR 1000, it's just really easy to go fast."

But remember, just because you can drive fast doesn't mean you should. The consequences include a pricey ticket, marks on your driving record or worse; someone could be seriously injured or even killed.

And while some think they will be able to get away with driving fast, remember, there are plenty of officer's watching and they are able to catch and ticket speeders.