Building a border wall has been high on President Trump's agenda to deal with immigration, but many Congressional leaders say high-tech may be a better solution.

On Wednesday, dozens of companies across the U.S. and around the globe broke out their most innovative technology and gadgets to offer solutions to border enforcement at the Border Security Exposition.

The event kicked off on Wednesday at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

Companies showed off a variety of drones and cameras that can detect a potentially dangerous situation before it's too late.

FLIR introduced a drone that weighs only 18 grams. It allows the operator to sneak up quietly on people or potentially dangerous areas during the day or at night.

"This is what we call our Black Hornet and, as you can see, it's basically the size of your palm," said John Hodge with FLIR.

The company also demonstrated the capability of their innovative surveillance camera. The camera can detect body heat up to 15 miles into the distance.

"This would allow the border agents to see possible immigrants, possible illegal immigrants, coming in at enough range that they can deploy someone to pick them up before they cross the border," Hodge said.

Elbit Systems of America showed off a small drone that looked like a small aircraft. Peter Klein, a spokesman with the company, says it goes higher, faster, and farther than the average drone.

"It flies itself, you don't have to steer it, and its designed to collect information for folks like the border patrol to see over the horizon," Klein said.

President Trump has expressed his concern about drugs crossing the border and Verus Technology Group is ahead of the game. Their technology can detect drones nearby that may be stocked with drugs.

"Our technology gives an early warning that says now is the time to really focus and find that drone," said Joshua Fisher with Verus Technology Group.

The expo runs through Thursday and on Friday some of the technology will be put to the test with live demonstrations at the Bandera Gun Club.