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One-on-one with Dick DeGuerin, Houston attorney leading Ken Paxton's trial

Dick DeGuerin, along with Rusty Hardin, will present the Texas House's case in the impeachment trial against Attorney General Ken Paxton in the Senate.

TEXAS, USA — Dick DeGuerin famously defended real estate heir Robert Durst, who was acquitted of murdering a Galveston man after admitting he cut up the body.

Now, he will try and prove the state's top cop is a crook.

Ken Paxton, who was overwhelmingly reelected last November, faces 20 articles of impeachment for abuse of office, fraud and bribery. 

The most talked about charge is Article 9, which alleges Paxton's mistress was hired by Paxton donor Nate Paul in exchange for favorable legal assistance from the attorney general's office. 

When asked if he had any proof of that, DeGuerin responded, "Of course."

"But can you connect the doors that it was in exchange for favors from the AG's office?" asked KHOU 11 anchor Len Cannon.

"The connect the dots happens because, at the same time, Paxton does several things that help Nate Paul," DeGuerin said.

DeGuerin said the alleged mistress will be called to testify and so will Paul.

Two-thirds of the state's 31 senators must agree to convict Paxton, one of them being his own wife, Senator Angela Paxton. 

"Can you overcome in the Senate, a jury filled with Paxton political allies?" Cannon asked. 

"I hope so, I think they have had enough," DeGuerin replied. 

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