A Texas couple says they got off a Carnival Cruise ship in Galveston and realized their credit card was stolen. To their surprise, it was used to pay for a funeral service in Houston.

"I meet a lot of nice people, we have a really nice time, every time we go," said Cherie Lindsey, the cardholder.

Lindsey and her husband love to cruise. The retired couple from San Antonio boarded a carnival cruise ship in early December in Galveston, but when they got off the boat, they found out their credit card was stolen.

"They needed to pay for a funeral, but they did it with my card," Lindsey said.

She says the trouble started when her card got stuck in an ATM on board the ship.

"Well, the machine wasn't processing, so I walked around the corner, I went to get somebody, right when I came back my card was gone," Lindsey said.

She called her credit card company and thought they put a hold on the account.

"I went online the next day, no charges, I went on the next day, no charges, went on the next day...I guess we're good the day I get home, the charges were through for the funeral home, Community Funeral Home in Houston," she said.

So her daughter picked up the phone and called the owner.

"She immediately knew that was the credit card number called in over the phone, and she said my mom was the cousin to the deceased, and I said, 'No, my mom doesn't know anybody there,'" said Alicia Bracey, her daughter.

There were two charges totaling $2,235. When we called A Community Funeral Home on Griggs Road in South Houston, the owner told us she didn't want to be interviewed. She apologized to the family and says she'll reverse the transaction. The funeral in question already happened, but now the owner's investigating to make sure she gets paid for the service.

"I think maybe somebody was watching me, maybe behind me," Lindsey said.

It's the thief Lindsey wants caught. She thinks if they took advantage of her cruise, they wouldn't hesitate to ruin another person's vacation.

"I know I'm protected by my credit card company, but still, somebody is out there doing this. It's wrong," Lindsey said.

Carnival told KHOU 11 News it is looking into the case.

"We are very sorry to hear about Ms. Lindsey's situation. We strive to maintain the ATMS on our ships in good working order and to support our guests with any issues they may experience," a spokesman said.

Houston police are also looking into the case that now spans two cities and the open seas. Right now, investigators say there's no pattern of abuse, but reminds anyone on vacation to report stolen cards immediately.