If you drive up State Highway 78 through Copeville, you easily will notice the corner gas station at Road 549.

And if you look hard enough, you'll see the checkered floor Wendy Sanders ran her daycare on for 20 years. "I try not to glance this way too much," said Sanders.

In Copeville, there are no monuments to the two who died or to what happened two years ago when a tornado tore through the area.

"Sometimes I feel like this corner has been forgotten," Sanders said.

At the corner, there are only real reminders. The Highway 78 sign is still crumpled. Nearly four buildings on the block were nearly leveled. The tire shop is still barely standing up.

"People that live in this area, they see that everyday," said Cody Wisdom, the owner of the USA Fireworks store right across the street.

The gas station that was once the "go-to" spot is now the place that reminds people of what happened two years ago. Two people had died that night in Copeville.

"It's looked exactly that way for two years. It still says "Relief Center" on the side and 'Looters will be shot,' and there's just not anything to loot," said Sanders.

There's nothing to loot and certainly nothing to gain if you're Cody Wisdom, and you have a business right across the street to run.

There are whispers of a "rebuild." It appears some building adjacent to the downed gas pumps has started and stopped. Residents would like the gas station back. Wisdom would love the traffic to the area, so he can have more customers visit his USA Fireworks store.

"Even the gas pumps -- the gas pumps look like they did the night of the tornado," said Wisdom.

There are multiple owners on this small stretch of land. WFAA has not heard back from the owner of the corner. Cody Wisdom wants an update, and it appears so do residents of Copeville.

"They're kinda frustrated too," said Wisdom.

Residents said two years is enough time to clear this up. And it's definitely long enough to remind them what happened here.