AUSTIN, Texas -- A march and rally at the state Capitol Sunday morning called for the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Organizers of "Impeachment March Austin" said this was one of 36 national marches and the only one in Texas.

More than a hundred people lined the front of the capitol.

Among them was U.S. Representative Al Green from Houston, who called for Trump's impeachment on the House floor in May, and did so again on Saturday.

"There were some people who made ugly comments,” said Green. “People have threatened my life. But I want to assure you no amount of intimidation, no amount of threats, nobody will stop this movement -- we will march on!!"

Organizers of the march list specific reasons why they are calling for impeachment; Obstruction of justice is one of them.

The group said the president interfered with the FBI's investigation by dismissing those looking into his campaign's activities with Russia.

They also cite violations of the foreign emoluments clause in the constitution, because of the president's financial relationships worldwide.

But supporters of the president showed up at the capitol too to counter the impeachment rally and march.

"He's my president and I'm going to respect that,” said Reynar Taylor. “He's also my commander in chief."

There were some shouting between the two groups and troopers stood between the two sides.

A supervisor with the Austin Police Department said the department received a report of an assault by contact. Both the Texas Department of Public Safety and APD said no arrests were made.