A man shows WFAA exactly where his truck was hit, on the driver's side door. "This is an entry hole for a bullet," he said.

"This is the exit from the interior door panel," he said, showing how the bullet eventually lodged inches away from his legs.

"Did I ever think someone would shoot at me because of road rage? No," he said.

That's exactly what Arlington Police believe happened.

WFAA is withholding the victim's name because police are still searching for the man who did this. Police said he was driving an early 2000's white or cream-colored 4-door Kia Optima.

The victim said it all started Thursday afternoon around 2 p.m. when he went to get into the far left lane of I-30 eastbound near Eastchase in Fort Worth, and he didn't see the other driver in his blind spot.

"It wasn’t really that dramatic, but the driver did slow down," the victim said.

The victim said it quickly became clear the driver was angry when he kept trying to get next to him, so he decided to exit on the right at Fielder in Arlington for his own safety.

"I didn’t want him beside me, so I hit the brakes. As I'm at the exit, and that’s when he fired the shot," he said.

"You don’t think you're going to get shot at or potentially lose your life when you make a mistake in traffic," said Lt. Chris Cook with APD. "Just goes to show you have to be really careful."

Incidents like this one are exactly what Arlington Police have been trying to prevent. After a fatal road rage case last summer, the department launched "Operation Freeway Safety" to crack down on aggressive driving habits that lead to road rage.

Since July 2017, the task force has made 2,747 traffic stops, given 3,436 citations and arrested 34 people. They've run 108 team enforcements, utilizing 1,521 staffing hours.

They've also received 227 calls on their road rage hotline and sent out 133 letters to people who were reported to have been driving aggressively.

"We've got to get this into people’s minds this is not going to be tolerated," Cook said.

In this case, the victim says he purposely did not engage the suspect. "It's as if he waited to shoot at me when there weren’t any cars around," he said.Police hope people with information or witnesses come forward.