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Tesla moving to Texas? Leaders voice their support for headquarters to come to Houston area

When Tesla CEO Elon Musk threatened to move Tesla's headquarters to Texas, several local officials put Houston on the bidding table.

HOUSTON — On Saturday, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk threatened to move Tesla's headquarters and future programs to Texas because of California's response to COVID-19, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott made sure Musk knew he was listening.  

Well, it seems like Abbott isn't the only one who is all ears for this possible venture.

Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw threw in his support for Tesla by tweeting, "Good conservative principles make good governance, and attract the best and the brightest. The future is happening in Texas."

And the support didn't stop there. Several educators and city leaders gave a thumbs up to Tesla coming to Texas -- specifically Houston. 

Rice University Professor C. Fred Higgs III tweeted the Bayou City was open arms for Tesla.

"We're all about new innovatION (see @IonHouston). With over 22 engineers per 1000 employees, the Houston area has 2nd highest concentration of engineers in US. So drop by @RiceUniversity while you're here."

Houston Fire Chief Sam Pena even joined the conversation and said Houston would welcome Telsa headquarters. 

Fort Bend County Judge KP George even put in his bid for the headquarters. 

"I understand you have become frustrated with the climate in your current location as we all fight this collective invisible enemy. However, I think your company would greatly benefit from learning about Fort Bend County as your search for a suitable location continues."

Saturday wasn't the first time Musk has teased moving manufacturing to Texas. In February, he changed his Twitter bio location to Austin temporarily, leading some to believe he was hinting that Tesla would be joining the bustling tech scene in the capital city.

He also posted a simple Twitter poll, asking, “Giga Texas?” along with the voting options of “Hell yeah” and “Nope.”