HOUSTON -The City of Houston on Tuesday released a temporary flood mitigation plan for Lake Houston and Lake Conroe.

Lake Houston, which is operated by the City of Houston and the Coastal Water Authority, will operate using a pre-release approach, city officials said. If the National Weather Service predicts more than 3 inches of rain within the San Jacinto River basin in a 48-hour period, Coastal Water Authority will then lower Lake Houston from 42.5 feet to 41.5 feet.

Lake Conroe, which is operated by the San Jacinto River Authority and located upstream from lake Houston, will be lowered seasonally.

Lake Conroe has a normal water level of 201 feet. From April 1 to May 31, it will be reduced and maintained at 200 feet, and from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30, it will be reduced and maintained at 199 feet. After each of those lowerings, the lake will be restored to its normal water level.

To track lake levels, visit www.sjra.net for Lake Conroe and www.coastalwaterauthority.org for Lake Houston.