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Southeast Texas hurricane rescue team gearing up ahead of Tropical Storm in Gulf

A local first responder said the last thing he wants is for residents in the region to wait for the unthinkable.

BEAUMONT, Texas — Southeast Texas is no stranger to storms on the gulf coast. But, a new organization is making sure residents in the area are more than prepared before a major threat starts knocking on doors. 

The Team 409 Search and Rescue is here in Southeast Texas ready to respond in case people are in need of rescuing. We're just a month away from the one-year anniversary of Tropical Storm Imelda, which left weeks long of damages to Southeast Texas.

A local first responder said the last thing he wants is for residents in the region to wait for the unthinkable. Being unprepared for the worst-case scenario is the last thing first responders want.

"Once the storm comes in, it's not just going to jump up and leave. I mean, you're in it so, you're in it to stay. So, you need to prepare for it," said Mike Owens.

Owens and his crews at Team 409 Search and Rescue are coming together to respond to two tropical systems expected in the Gulf of Mexico early next week.

"I feel pretty comfortable about my team members and staff. We're all aware of what’s going on," Owens said.

One of those storms could impact Southeast Texas Tuesday. Uncertainty remains high, but Owns, the president of 409 Rescue, says all must be prepared, including his crew.

“For starters, we'll make sure our vehicles, our equipment is ready to go at all times," Owens said. He has already met with the Vidor Fire and Police chief to discuss what is needed and is encouraging Southeast Texans to make informed decisions.

"You know the news and weather meteorologist are letting everybody know ahead of time, so you would think people would take that and make a decision on what they need to do,” Owens said.

Listed are a few things you'll want to keep on hand:

  • Supply of water
  • Non-perishable packaged or canned food
  • Rain gear
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight and extra batteries
  • List of important family information

"People in the community should know that we're here to help, you know,” Owens said. “We're not just here as a bunch of volunteers. We're to help our community and stand behind our community, anyway we can."

To find out more information or to get in contact with this rescue crew head over to their Facebook page at Team 409 Search and Rescue.

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