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Newly obtained search warrants give new insight into the night TakeOff was shot and killed

The warrants detail how police used surveillance cameras to piece together what led to the shooting and who they say were involved.

HOUSTON — Search warrants are giving new insight into what police say happened outside a bowling alley in downtown Houston the night Migos rapper TakeOff, whose real name is Kirsnick Khari Ball, was shot and killed.

The documents detail how police used surveillance cameras all over downtown to piece all of this together and zero in on the murder suspect, Patrick Xavier Clark, 33.

According to the warrant reviewed by KHOU 11, 34 people were standing outside the bowling alley before the shooting started. That included TakeOff, Quavo and local producer J Prince, among others.

According to police, Quavo began arguing with two men who had just won money off a dice game. One of them was later identified as Cameron Joshua. Joshua is facing weapons charges. A physical fight broke out and then two men opened fire. Police say one of those men is Clark.

Police say Clark is seen on video pulling out a gun and firing multiple rounds while holding a wine bottle in the other hand. After the shooting, Clark is seen fleeing to the House of Blues where he left the wine bottle. Fingerprints matched Clark's when HPD later had it tested.

Clark briefly returned to the bowling alley before leaving the area.

Investigators say forensics prove Clark is the only person who could have shot and hit TakeOff from where both men were positioned. Takeoff was shot twice, once in the back and once in the head.

Clark was arrested during a traffic stop by the HPD Gang Division on December 1. He had a gun on him at the time, but it was not the one used in the murder of TakeOff. He did not make any comment during that arrest.

According to the search warrants obtained by KHOU 11, police seized Clark's phone looking for evidence. They also searched his truck and seized two guns, a pistol and a rifle. Police also took a Macbook, parking receipt and passport photo, according to the warrants.

Clark's bond has been set at $2 million and is due back in court on December 14.

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