HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — After 22 years of avoiding Harris County deputies on a murder charge, speeding is how Daniel Duron III was finally caught. 

Duron was wanted in connection with the 1997 shooting death of 15-year-old Imel Jones.

A state trooper pulled over Duron along FM 133 last week. The trooper said the man lied about who he was and used the social security number of someone else. 

It was only after the trooper took the man to a U.S Border Patrol station and checked his fingerprints that he found he was wanted in the death of a Harris County teen. 

The murder case dates back to March 15, 1997. Duron and another man, Juan Soto, are accused of pulling their car in front of a 16-year-old driver on Hollyvale Street in northeast Harris County. 

According to sheriff's deputies, Duron claimed the teen hit Duron and Soto's car. Jones was a passenger in the teen's car. Deputies say Duron and Soto demanded money from the teens at gunpoint, before the two men started shooting. 

Jones was killed.

The 16-year-old and a 15-year-old girl were injured in the shooting. 

The Harris County Sheriff's Office filed both murder and attempted murder charges on the men, but deputies say both Duron and Soto skipped town. 

Now, more than two decades later, Duron is sitting in a jail cell in Dimmit County, Texas. Already facing the 1997 Harris County charges, Duron also has a new charge in Dimmit County of Failure to Identify Fugitive with Intent to Give False Information. 

Juan Soto is still on the run. 

In Harris County, investigators are commending the Texas trooper with diligently capturing the man they'd been looking for, for years.