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Supporters worry Battleship Texas could be scrapped for parts

PASADENA, Texas - Battleship Texas scrapped for parts? There is concern for the future of the 103-year-old ship.

Supporters are hoping a trendy idea can help preserve this piece of history.

“It’s the only surviving U.S. ship that served in both World War I and World War II,” said Bruce Bramlett. “The ship was at D-Day, it was at the North Africa shore, it was at Okinawa and Iwo Jima,”

Bramlett is the Executive Director for the Battleship Texas Foundation.

“No. It is not some reproduction. It is the real deal.” he said.

“Basically a decision will have to be made either to scrap the ship, which means to dismantle it and do away with it, or it has to come out of the water,” said Bramlett.

Over the years, the foundation has asked for donations through fundraisers and mailers. This year, in what could be considered a last ditch effort, the foundation is creating a music video.

The video is currently being shot onboard Battleship Texas and will be released as part of a national ad campaign in December.

The foundation hopes, with enough support and calls to state lawmakers, the State of Texas will spend money to move the ship to dry land rather than scrapping it for parts.

On a Texas Parks and Wildlife website, the state outlines repairs to the ship that are happening right now.

They should wrap up in late 2018, according to Texas Parks and Wildfire. The future, according to park rangers is to preserve the ship by removing it from the water and placing it on a base through a process called dry berth.

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