HOUSTON - Powerful winds on Friday could cause downed trees, massive power outages and debris on roadways.

With the strong storms headed our way, it might be a good time for a little yard work.

Tree trimming experts say any wind stronger than 30 miles per hour can start to wreak havoc on damaged trees, which is why you should cut down any dead limbs before they have a chance to fall on their own.

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Next, you need to add support to any new trees so they don’t topple over.

And finally, tie down any loose items in your yard, especially those newly hung Christmas decorations.

But your trees should be your first priority.

“Basic thing is to get most of the dead out of the tree. Any diseased or weak branches also need to come down. The tree needs to have about 16-18 feet underneath for a mid-sized tree so the wind can blow through the tree and sway at the top," Eric Anthony with Texas Tree Trimming said.

Anthony says homeowners can probably cut most limbs themselves, but sometimes you need an expert, especially when the limbs are over a home or higher than 16 feet.