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Road rage chase ends with SUV slamming into Spring home, Constable says

There was a shootout before one vehicle rammed another and sent it crashing into a family's home.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — 3/31 UPDATE: Precinct 4 initially said the vehicles involved were racing before one of them crashed into a home. On Wednesday, they updated the report saying there was a road rage chase and shootout that lead up to the crash. 

Four bullets were fired into an SUV with a 4-year-old child inside but no one was hurt. 

Both drivers and two passengers were arrested and charged. 


3/30 ORIGINAL REPORT: According to authorities, two vehicles were in the 23200 block of Drywood Crossing Court when one driver lost control and crashed into a house.

The man who owns the house is a single father of 6-year-old twins and a 1-month-old girl. He said he and his children were playing on the sidewalk when they saw the vehicles speeding down the street, flip and crash into his home. He said it's a close call and is feeling lucky that no one in his family was hurt.

"I always sit right there. I've been working from home and ... if I had been sitting there, I'd have been killed," he said. "The kids would have been killed, too, if we had been eating at the dinner table."

The homeowner also said that since there's a hole in the side of his home, he and his kids will have to live in a hotel for however long it takes to get the house fixed.