The Stanford University marching band took some shots at the state of Texas during its halftime show at the Valero Alamo Bowl Thursday night.

The show mocked Texas' pride, the size of the Capitol building, the proposed border wall, and even Texas' beloved Whataburger.

The show starts out by saying “Our program is sponsored by The Onion and the White House Press Office, everyone's favorite source of definitely not made-up facts.” It went on to present “alternative facts” about Texas, sparking boos from the crowd.

The band mentioned queso, which they called a popular sports drink that is an alternative to Gatorade.

On the proposed border wall, the band said "the cost of it could only pay for the tuition of about twenty million college students."

The band referred to Texas staple, Whataburger, as “Waterburger” and claimed it only served water.

That attracted the attention of Whataburger itself. The restaurant tweeted a response, saying “Maybe if the Stanford band had some Whataburger they wouldn't be so unhappy."

The show wrapped up by saying “I suddenly have a strange urge to purchase a Ford F-150”, poking fun at Texans' love of pickup trucks.

The Stanford band is known for its good-natured jabs at their opponents at football games.

Check out the full script and video of the performance below.

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