SPRING, Texas — For a small business, it’s the ultimate shoutout to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial.  

Jennifer Morales and her local business, Smash Therapy LLC, was one of three small business owners featured in a series of Super Bowl ads for Head & Shoulders. The message of the ads: being headstrong pays off.

KHOU 11 News spokes with Morales by video chat because she was in New York City Monday morning, being interviewed by national news outlets after the Sunday night debut. Morales says she was contacted by the Marina Maher Communications ad agency about a month ago.  

“So I got an email from an agency, saying that they wanted to do a super bowl commercial, and I thought it was fake,” said Morales before she explained the quick approval process which included a phone interview and a video submission.

The opportunity is one Morales initially couldn’t imagine as a child. 

“I was a kid who grew up in CPS bouncing from home to home. Just like very unstable. I didn’t think I was going to make it out alive. People were telling me that I wasn’t.”

But she earned two college degrees, became a boxer and mental health advocate. The 30-year old woman is now a mother of one with a second child on the way.  

“And you know, I just kind of proved everybody wrong and I stayed headstrong the entire time.”

 In June 2018, Morales opened Smash Therapy LLC, providing a safe space for people to physically let out their aggression. Within hours of the Super Bowl ad, her website www.SmashTherapyLLC.com crashed and her phone was full of text messages, emails and voicemails.

"I checked the voicemail and I had like eight to 10 voicemails that were like we just saw your commercial. We loved it! How awesome! You’re right around the corner from us. This is great!”